Friends of Ben's

Robert & Michael Cadena, Laredo, TX
Tom Vivion & Jim Kolle, Blessing and Inez, TX
Scott Thompson,Natalie Rathburn, and Jeff Wright, Cotulla, Austin, and Asher, OK
Chris Surles, Dilley, Texas
The Walker Family, Pearsall Texas
John Barns & Stan Jenkins, Fowlertown & Cotulla Texas
The Garcia Family
Roth and Marianne Roland, Hutendorf, France
Chandler Prude, David Wild, Lulu Gargiulo and Sally Schaffer, Santa Monica, California
David Waddy, Mineral Wells, Texas
Bill Hellen, Hebbronville, Texas
Doug & Jamie Lloyd Jones, Arlington, Texas
Jacklyn & Courtney Bigley, Freer, Texas
Galindo Molina, Uvalde, Texas
Ed Thomae & James Tschirhart, Austin & San Antonio Texas
Primo Walker, Vaquillas Cattle Company
The Richards Family, Austin, Texas
Ralph Powell, Matador, Texas
Hector and Tula Flores, Irving, Texas
Gerry and Linda Mackwood, Lively, Ontario, Canada
Lance Lubel & Roy Martin, Cotulla TX
AHL Shipping Company, San Antonio TX
Audrie Xane Roeder, Cotulla TX
Roger DeSpain, San Antonio TX
Dos Rios Ranch Hunters, St. Augustine FL
Olivia & Eleanor McClanahan, Cotulla TX
Bill Hellen, Hebbronville TX
Buddy Guyler & Tom Yokum, Crystal City and San Angelo, TX
Wiley Lorrett & Jerry Fontenot, Yale OK
Mark Klapczuk, Markus & George Ramsdell, Lillian Nieto and Rene Nielson, Floresville TX
The Donnells, Fowlerton TX
The Van Cleves, Cotulla TX
Harold Kuenstler, Lordsburg NM
Abe Salinas, Ranco El Brazil (Webb & Zapata Counties), and Felipe Villasenor, Rancho Santa Sofia (Tuxtepec. Oax. Mexico)
Tommy and Tom Saunders - Laredo, Texas and Alix Alberta Canada
Ryan and Bob Myers - Ft Worth & Weatherford, Texas
Danny Carr, Randy McKinney, and Jeff Carr - Rocking Ranch, Dimmitt County, Texas
Jack Hooper Jackson, Wyoming, and Higdon Compton, Cochina Ranch - Cotulla, Texas. "Best of Friends"
Dan Pohl - Schulenburg Texas. On his way to Zapata with a new pair of Ariat boots. Great customer and a darn good amigo.
Steve Kennedy - Kennedy Ranch, Uvalde, Texas.
David Juarez, Houston,Texas & Jorge Kurczyn Montalvo
Ricky Lozano, Brandon Lozano & Mike Ferguson" La Dolce Vita Ranch Cotulla, Texas
Jim McClean, Bandera, TX & Bill Dillard, Columbia, S.C. "Heading to the Callaghan Ranch"
Royce and Elva Keilers. Meiner Ranch April 2004
Jessie Garcia Jr. Indianhead Ranch, Del Rio, TX Jessie presented Ben's a pair of his childhood boots that were made by his late father the famous and legendary Lucchese boot maker Jessie Garcia....
Clay McBride, Derby, TX & Perry Bushong, Mountain Home, TX "Amigos Siempre"
Matt Belisle, Austin, TX, Pitcher-Cincinnati Reds
Brenda Rodriguez, Little Miss LaSalle & Mazie West, LaSalle Co. Fair Queen
Michael, Debbie, Katherine, Kay and Eddie "A Special time in Cotulla and at the Ranch."
Brent Barr & Don Ed Holms, The Onion House, Weslaco-Uvalde, TX
Ryan & Rodney Spann, Spann Farms, Shiner, TX
The Steele Family - Randy , Jennifer, Payton and Banner. Randy represents the Lucchese Boot Company. He is the best! Happy Holidays !
The Rhodes Family - Riley , Darlene & Weston, "Merry Christmas"
Colton & Marcie Stahl, Seguin, TX, "Colton is proud of his new Resistol George Strait Felt Hat from Ben's".
Karlen Cole & Drake McLean, "Callaghan Ranch Hunters"
Ed Callan & Gloria Oatman, Callan Cattle Co., Newark, OH, Admiring the "Cotulla Chupacabra"
Hodge Lord, Jimmy Barbour & Terry Kirk Good old friends sharing a few laughs and "tall tales".
Dan Kinsel III, Rancher, Kinsel Cattle Company, Cotulla, TX
Andrew & John Keck, T.R. Keck & Sons, Cotulla, TX
Keith Martin, Rancher and Executive Director, San Antonio Livestock Exposition, San Antonio, TX
Trick or Treat, Tanner Green, "Brush Country Trapper"
Roger Burnett, Burnett Quarter Horses, Huntsville, TX & Doug Caddenhead,TDCJ, Rosharon, TX
Daryl Drain & Bob Price, Price Construction Company, "Heading to the Los Cuernos Ranch"
George and Galina Hopkins, Kerrville, TX & Thompson Lange Carmel, CA
Houston Munson III with his son, Cotton, Maltsberger Ranch, La Salle, County
Zach Borgan & Gerald Beard, Houston, TX "Having a great time dove hunting on Freddy Knappick's Farm"
Cary Sanford & Joe Skarda, Special Flyers, San Antonio, TX, "Heading to the Herradura Ranch"
The Flud Family, Josh, Debbie and Eddie
Bob Chancey, EOG Resources, Old San Patricio, TX
Bill Bauer & Buck Timon, Bauer Cattle Co., George West, Texas
Sonny Leigh & Martin Snowden, "South Texas Amigos"
Mr. Mauro Bustos, San Marcos, Texas, "Fifty Years a Callaghan Vaquero"
Jigger Alexander & Bruce Franks, Lockhart, TX, "It's always a pleasure to visit with these good folks"
Louis D. Etzel, Deer and Game Specialist, Acco Feeds, McQueeney, Texas
The Castro family: Jaime & Christina with beautiful daughters Cheyenne and Christen. Laredo, TX
Russell Brown & Clark Rossi, Hebbronville, TX, Russell is President of Hebbronville & Kingsville State Bank and Rossie owns the Hebbronville Machine Shop. "Thanks for flying in".
Dean & Jenny Smith, D-J Ranch Appaloosas, Dilley, Texas
Ken Hierholzer with his son Slaton, Paradise Farms, Big Foot, TX
Jim & Terri Link, Q & S Home Sales, "Habitat for Hunters", Uvalde, Texas
Manuel and Maria E. Arichabla, Rancho Buenas Aires, Mendez, Ecuador, "Manuel is proud of his new Resistol hat and Tony Lama boots from Ben's".
Hilda and Bruno Mata, Uvalde, TX "Uvalde folks are great ! "
Andria Gaines, Diana Garcia and Cherise Barker "Diana is happy to see her cousins from Dallas."
Bob & Donna Eason with little "Rudi", Fed Ex Corporation, Memphis, TN
Robert Casas with his dad, Israel and his sons Matthew and David Casas, Austin and Cotulla, TX
Bow Carpenter & Tomas Garcia, Garabato Ranch, Sallinillas, Coah. Mexico "Happy to be at Ben's"
Katie & Buster Horlen, Burns Ranch, Dilley, Texas
Joe Eustace, Key Energy, Charlotte, TX, & Robert Jenkins, Tasco Tools, Alice, TX, " Good friends and great South Texas folks "
Bob Miller, Three Rivers, TX & Jack R. Garrahan, Bar J River Ranch, Floresville, TX
George and Debbie Gohmert, Wilderness Trails Taxidermy, Castroville, TX
Jeff & Madeline Kay Evans, Whitwell Ranch, Cotulla, TX "A proud Dad with his beautiful baby daughter".
Jim Link, Uvalde, TX and Chick Rives, Ingram, TX. "Just some great South Texas folks".
Debbie and Mike Turner, Sunset Insurance Co., Cave Creek, AZ "Congratulations newlyweds"
Patty and Welton Fiedler, Charlotte, Texas, "Some of the greatest folks around"
Randy Finch and Bob Dickson, Dickson Builders, Inc., Corpus Christi, TX
Jim and Helen Peters, RUNNELLS / PETERS FEED YARD, Quemado, Texas
Hartzell Elkins and Steve Harper, Huajuco Ranch, La Salle County, Texas
Raymond Quigg, Quigg Ranch, Terlingua, Texas
Los Dos Amigos.. Kenneth Bell, Quick Line Corp. San Antonio, TX & Jim Boldt, Dos Hermanos Ranch-East Galvan, Webb County, TX
Elliot & Lynn Zunich with Bob Vavrina, Duluth, MN., Partin Ranch hunters
Mr. Kenneth Overstreet, Foreman, Martindale Ranch, Los Angeles, Texas
Scott and Claudia Avant, Sombrerito Ranch, Webb County
Donna & Gerald Kosler, Brad & Robin Beken with thier son, Tim, Beken Livestock, Weimer, TX
Mr. John Davila, Devine Saddles, Devine, Texas
Kenny Mancusco, Libby MT. and Kent Buckler, Alberta, Canada "Heading to the Nueces River Ranch for a great Bow Hunt"
Proud Grandparents: Elda & Joe Garcia with their granddaughter ReneƩ Nicole Chapa, Encinal, TX
Hurvey Elliott and Gene Hartmann, Hartmann Cattle & Quarter Horses, Floresville, Texas
Jeff Suttles, Houston Texas; Mike and David Hord, Dallas, Texas "Quail Hunting on the Kinsel Ranch in LaSalle County".
Matt Smith, Marty Warren, Senator and former TN Governor Lamar Alexander, Stephen Smith, Steve Smith , Nashville, TN and Will Alexander from Austin, TX
Ken E. Adcock, "Rancho Dos Locos", Hindes, Texas
Stewart, Joe Willie, Tyree and Terry Lee, Terry Lee Kennel, George West, Texas
Randy Fugate, Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept., Falfurrias, Texas
Cynthia Malsbury & Cesar A. Garcia, M.D., R. Ph. La Encantado Ranch, LaSalle County, TX
Scott, Andrew, Joel and Cliff Ponton from Corpus Christi and having a great time hunting on the Rancho Feliz Ranch.
Joaquin Jackson, "A Texas Legend" Retired Texas Ranger, Alpine, Texas
Roy G. Martin Jr. (San Antonio) and Judge Seith Davenport (Montville, NJ ) Enjoying a good time hunting at the Martin Ranch.
The Iveys, Ivey Ranch, Big Wells, Texas
Hunter Mayfield, Tyler Brooks, Rodney Brooks, Terry Mayfield and Ronald Orsak "Quinton Nixon Ranch Hunters" "Some great folks from Hot Springs Arkansas."
John Porter and Don Cadden, with "Chula" and "Tootsie", Dripping Springs, TX
Jason and Chris Surles, Enjoying the holidays...., SURCO, Dilley,Texas
Rusty Barsanti, Pedro Munoz, Mike Cotugno and Mark Saunders "Martin Ranch Hunters"
Dan and Jeff Flud, Alpine, Texas, "Dan with his first seven pointer."
Jerry Cozby, Paloma Grande Ranch, La Salle County, Texas
Charley Hrdlicka, San Antonio, Texas, & Greg Winegardner, Grand Junction, Co. "Briggs Ranch Hunters"
Higdon Compton, Jr., San Antonio, Texas and Lucius Burch IV, Nashville, Tenn. "Cochina Ranch Hunters"
Tim and Scot Brown, Brown Quarter Horses, Banquete, Texas
Michael Spain, Brian Spain, Sommer Lindahl, Joslyn Brown and Andrew Spain. All from Ft. Worth and having a great time hunting on the Garcia Ranch in LaSalle County.
Dale Elrod, Wildlife and Ranch Management Inc. Riveria, Texas
Manuel R. Ramos, Municipal Court Judge & "Ranchito Fito", Pearsall, Texas
Kevin and Matt Anderson, Corpus Christi, TX, "A great Father and Son team!"
Lolo Lopez, South Texas Vaquero of the Brush Country. Happy 87th Lolo!
Rancher Dan J. Harrison III, with his friends, Jeff Bentliff and J. Manning McPhillips. Peloncillo Ranch, - LaSalle, Webb and Dimmit Counties
Harry and Heather Affleck III, Cascabel Ranch, LaSalle County
Jim Donnell, Donnell Ranches, Fowlerton, Texas "Well known and respected So. Texas rancher"
Kerry Gebert, Gebert Ranch, Los Angeles, Texas
Tim and Vicki Hanks, El Jardin Ranch, LaSalle County, Texas
Bubba Light, Unico Cattle Company, Lytle, Texas
Jerry Vasquez, Laguna Ranch, Webb County, Texas
Fredna Wood, "A dear friend and a South Texas treasure."
Tate Bannowsky, Woodley Ranch, Sabinal, Texas
Mr. & Mrs. Abe Salinas, Laredo, Texas, Long time great friends and customers!
Charles I. Churchill (Pearsall,Texas) & Quentin L. Parker (Dilley, Texas)
Porter Garner III The Lodge Webb County, Texas "A good Aggie Amigo"
Dan Heinen Jr. (PawPaw) with his grandson Talon Box
Humberto D. Martinez, Brazil Ranch, Hebbronville, Texas
Don Gray with his beautiful granddaughter, Savannah Thode. Dilley, Texas
Bill Carter, Sombrerito Ranch Webb County
Peter Hill, Monsanto Company, San Antonio, Texas "Enjoying his new "Cotulla Sombrero".
Rufus Lyne, Lyne Production Services, George West, Texas
Luke and Ray Lamberth, Lamberth Cattle Company, Laredo, Texas
Dan Eldridge and Lance Welch, Charco Escondido Ranch, Encinal, Texas
Tom Fordyce, Guero and Joe McMillian, Some great folks!
Fred Nichols, Karnes City, Texas, "One of the Best Ranch Real Estate Appraisers in South Texas".
Talon & Mark Box, Cotulla, Texas "Talon with his new Ben's cap".
Jerry Cox & Bill Coble Jr., Laredo, Texas, "Brush country amigos sharing a good story".
Tony & Juanita Romo, La Martita Ranch, Carrizo Springs, Texas
Tim Broeren, Austin, Texas- "Enjoying his new Atwood straw hat".
Patrick Keller, Professional Guide, Los Cuernos Ranch, Cotulla, Texas
Ted Moffett, "Strait Ranch", Catarina, Texas
Agustin and Rick Luna, Laredo, Texas "Buying Justin boots for the ranch."
Michael Swaim & Willy Shannon, Live Oak Auction Co. Three Rivers, Texas
Robin & Bill Walker, Indio Faith Ranch, Maverick County, Texas
Richard Traylor, Encinal, Texas - Monte Cartado Ranch
"Heading to Laredo", Jackie Van De Walle and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Ambassadors Committee
Lynn, Joseph & Joe Martinez, San Antonio, Texas
Billie Kay & Lynn Clapp, Encinal, Texas - Rafter O Ranch
Rocky Wimberly, Cotulla, Texas, Herradura Ranch
Linda and Wil Fernandez, New Lisbon, WI
Joe B. Finley, Jr., Encinal, Texas - Owner of legendary "Callaghan Ranch"
Tim & Karen Hixon, Cotulla, Texas - South Texas Ranchers
Phil Lyne, Cotulla, Texas, "All around Cowboy and Rancher"
Bob Collard and Terrell Shelly, Cliff, New Mexico
Roy Martin, Cotulla, Texas & Clifton "Bub" Wheeler, Tilden, Texas
Dr. Gilbert Meadows, San Antonio, Texas
Doug Wilmeth & Jim Fulgham, "Callaghan Ranch Cowboys " Encinal, Texas
Steve Gruy, Cotulla, Texas
John Martin, South Texas Rancher, San Diego, Texas
Richard & Pete Mims, Laredo, Texas
Jack Van Cleve III, Cotulla, Texas, Brush Country Rancher